Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My husband and I spent a week in Orlando and did not enjoy nearly the same quality of bonding that we did over the neti pot.

Here's the deal if you are not familiar with one of these things. It looks like a funny-shaped teapot. But the tea is salt water and the oriface for entry is your nostril. Water pours in one nostril and comes mystically out the other. I've read this is a yoga practice. If the yoga pose you're trying to achieve is belly over thigh, with legs squeezed together in "downward dog trying not to piss himself" pose, then this is the practice for you.

Don't know about you, but the driving force of laughter in my tiny household is bodily functions. Belches, farts, you know the drill. And I can admit it. Poop humor is funny. Maybe not with your co-workers. Understood. But come on...

So my husband and I spent all day egging each other on to use this thing, and insisting that the other watch when we did it. This resulted in the deepest belly laughs and longest giggle fits we've had in years. Of course my honey could not control the stream, and it dripped down his face and onto his shirt. Pure comedic gold. I'm just impressed he tried it at all. I think he just couldn't resist.

Here's a little demo I came across on the web, from, to illustrate. Enjoy...