Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Why Can't We be Friends?"

Well, since you asked I feel compelled to reply.

It isn't the ugliness that went down (7 or 8 years ago?), though that was enough.

It's not the strange way you contacted me 4 years later, 4 months before I got married, wanting to "just hang out sometime" and "exchange mix cds".

It isn't even the fact that you contacted me again, this week, another 4 years later, after hunting me down on Facebook (which was, well, creepy). But in your defense, social networking sites make it easy to do that. I made it easy by using part of my real name in my profile.

I have good friends. Ones that have stuck by me through this crazy move to Maryland. I have some new friends too, so I can't say that it's too late or I'm too old to let new people into the life I share with my husband.

One thing all of these people have in common is that they will never have to ask that question - only statement you made in your message.

You had to ask it, which says enough.

Why would I bother with a wordy, direct reply to your question, when I had the option of making it quick and easy with the push of a button?

a month later an a few hundred dollars short...

the one beer lotusesss!!!

I know! Super impressive!