Sunday, June 24, 2007

Today I ran the longest distance I ever have in my life - I completed a 5K as a runner rather than a walker. Like a dork I sprinted at the finish line, and came in at a steller 36 min. and 40 sec. I have beat my 15 minute mile (which I was famous for in High School).

Funny that I am able to do what I was not able to 15 years ago. But there's a catch...

I've been sleeping, eating and drinking water all day!
My body is taking the rest of the day off (not my congnative choice either!)!
I'm relatively useless!

So I'll take today, but will learn for next time - I think between now and October I can figure out why my system crashed.

Time for a nap.

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Blog!!!

In an attempt to diversify, Professional Tourists has expanded to a BRAND NEW SITE!!!

Que Traveling Music

Every good trip deserves a soundtrack - especially trips taken by Professional Tourists.

I hope you'll check it out!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tomorrow, I rejoin the workforce.

I just left my rooftop deck, where I enjoyed a glass of wine and read a bit. The sunset fizzled out early tonight, but since the row houses block my view of the horizon, I wasn't disappointed.

This has been the longest amount of time I've experienced without a job since I left college. The span left me inside my own head way too long. After this experience, I don't believe I will ever be interested in retirement...but ask me again in 30 years ;)

My lack of action on the teashop is not an excuse due to fear. It's playing the game of life conservatively for the time being. We have a mortgage. We have "family planning". I'm not playing solo - I'm a valued member of a team of two. Besides, I made some fantastic connections last week and I suspect I can keep my toe in the tea pool - and cannonball at will. It really is all about strategy and timing.

But for tonight, I am strangely relaxed for "night before first day". Mostly because the last 95+ days have forced me into my own skin, and have given me the confidence to feel that whatever will be fed to me tomorrow is something I can handle.

I'm finally okay with this. It's go time.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

For the next 4 days, I will have the luxury of pulling my head out of my own ass.

My cousin is getting married, then shortly afterward I will be traveling to Atlanta GA to attend an annual tea expo.

For the past 86 days, I have been living a lie.

I have told the multitudes that the career I am looking for is one of a customer service rep/marketing manager/traffic coordinator/account executive. All because it’s been so damn hard to start doing what I really want to, with it’s subsequent pay loss and “start at ground level” reality.

So now, for a short time, I can feel free to be myself. A woman among her family. A woman who wants to manage or own a tearoom, and create on the side. But while that goal is still out of reach, I’ll have to continue lying in order to stay in the game.

Good thing my stellar dancing skills are distracting enough. I was so inspired at the last wedding that there is video. Me vs. my cousin – white folk disaster dancing at its best. I trust there will be a rematch throw-down, but how will I top what went down 2 years ago? Catapilliar? Moonwalk? The Carlton Dance? Maybe I’ll kick it old school, Bawlmar “Hairspray” style with “The Bug” or “The Roach”! Bet they’d never see that coming! They probably wouldn’t understand it either. This is Lawngoiland after all.

So the plan:

1) Enjoy wedding
2) Don’t get drunk enough where head returns to the comfort of my own ass
3) If someone asks about job, say “tea” and then ask him or her to dance
a.Regardless of age
b.Regardless of gender
c.Regardless of relation
4) After wedding, board plane
5) Upon arrival, fake it till I make it
6) Upon return, do the same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy Monday!
Welcome to my report on best job headlines of the weekend from Craig’s List B’more!!!
Would you reply?:

Sat, June 2nd

Afternoon Delight. Make Cheese in Your Pjs - customer service


Play free online games for money - et cetera

Market our biz while loading your PayPal account (Baltimore area) - marketing/advertising/PR

Sunday, June 3rd

Facebook? Myspace? This is the next step!! - customer service

ABSOLUTELY PERFECT IS A RIP OFF!!!! - food/beverage/hospitality

Actors/Actresses Needed For 48Hr. Film Competition (Baltimore) - tv/film/video/radio

Paid research studies, no bs, no riches either, just extra easy pocket (Baltimore online) - et cetera

Monday, June 4th

Looking for a Passionate and Reliable Dance Educator - education/teaching

Phone Actresses get started now! - customer service

Let me teach you Italian ABSOLUTELY FREE! - education/teaching


Good morning, World! Overwhelmingly impressive employment opportunities like these make employment searches like mine feel like a slow jog on a Mobius strip. At least my coffee tastes good ;)