Thursday, July 20, 2006

PNC Park (click to enlarge)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Last week we had a small bomb detonate in the apartment complex I live in. The block around the apartment which held the bomb was evacuated, and the street shut down. I did some laundry.

On Thursday, I noticed a spider looking at me from the wall above my linen closet. When I came back to my apartment after being away for the weekend, it was still there, frozen in the same position. I figure when spiders go to die, the last place they would do it would be so visible as a white wall above a closet. Maybe it lapsed into a coma. Damned if I am going to touch it.

On Friday, I ended my 2 1/2 year relationship with my old job. We had some drinks and some food, some laughs and some tears, and I walked out. 3 hours later my old supervisor called me to ask where a file was. If he calls again, I will charge him a consultant fee. Breaking up is hard to do.

Friday night, I attended a burlesque show which featured a woman who "lip" synced metal anthems with her genitals. Enough said.

Today I began a new relationship with a different employer. Trial by fire at a well known Trade Show. My legs ache but my spirits are high and cuticles are in tact (didn't feel the need to pick at them from stress). I think this may be a better relationship for me. Besides, they took me out for dinner and paid - a nice way to end a first date.

So that's the run down of what's been up. Luckily, my new gig will have me writing quite a bit, so I will most likely be updating here a bit more. No, I have not found employment as a professional mermaid, web-site traffic reporter, massage therapist, midwife, or mosaic tile artist. I am working in the industry of warm beverages, as a customer service manager and writer for an internet tea company. For the time being, I have found bliss.