Friday, December 30, 2005

Here's Mia today.
I was out of the office yesterday, so she wasn't watered. Most of her growth is at the bottom of the planter (where it remained moist) and in the drip pan (where I have yet to clean off the seeds which dropped off). I wonder how she will fair the 3 day weekend - eek!

I'll wrap her in plastic and see what happens.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Welcome Mia the Chia!

My Christmas wish came true! Mia came into my life a couple of weeks ago, but I was unable to start raising her until yesterday. I had her belly-up in water for 24 hours (trust me - a very upsetting sight), and I soaked her seeds overnight. When I came to work this morning, I pulled her out of her pond, flipped her over and coated her in the pasty goop that the seeds had become.

Yes, I did this at work. Yes, my office is alright with me being a bit odd. My supervisor asked early on if he could co-parent Mia with me. I told him I wasn't so sure I was ready for that kind of relationship. With that always comes the risk of loosing custody.

So here is what she looks like right now. She's supposed to be at full growth at around 1-2 weeks, and I will keep you posted on how things are progressing.

I am Queen Dork. This is my coronation. You may crown me now.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Isn't it funny that at Christmas something in you gets so lonely for - I don't know what exactly, but it's something that you don't mind so much not having at other times.
-Kate L. Bosher

The past few weeks have been rather busy. My husband and I decided to skip town each of the four weekends leading up to Christmas. We were in Hershey PA, Orlando Florida and on the west coast in Las Vegas and LA all last week. Each Sunday, where in the past I would be lighting my Advent wreath candle by candle in anticipation, was now spent a bit distracted. I’m happy to have traveled, but Christmas was gone just as I was catching a breath.

During the rest of the year, I am consumed with work. I take my vacation closer to the holidays because my husband has the time off. During any other month I wouldn’t feel strange taking the time, but during December I feel the need to not only reflect on the past, but to prepare. Prepare my home for festivity. Prepare my heart for the pain as well as the happiness that holidays bring me. Prepare my soul for the logic-defying high dive of faith which believing in the Christmas story requires as a citizen of Earth in 2005. All of this is a process that takes time, because this is not my usual 12-month a year meditation.

In seven hours I will be back to work. I will probably play carols softly from my desktop. I will count down the days until January 6th, the 12th day of Christmas. I will also celebrate each of the 8 days of Chanukah in my own way. I need this time. I’m lonely for the time of introspection, for the time of prayer that keeps me balanced, and for the time I want to spend building relationships and reconnecting. Other times of the year my distractions cover the swelling void in my chest. I was trained to believe that work, fret, and material objects can define me, and in ditching this definition, I trust things will fall into place once again. I fully understand that this sounds trite, but these days keep me in check. These days help me rebuild my soul, and I intend to take them to do just that.

Happy Holidays. All of them.
I’m happy to have left, but I’m happy to be home.

Friday, December 09, 2005

My commute sucked. This here is what is normally a four lane highway. Only in NJ.

Okay, it could have been worse. Maybe if I didn't pack snacks or a thermos of tea.

But my 45 min. commute became 2 hours easily.

No matter - I will be someplace warmer in a couple of hours. Will tell you more soon. Stay tuned.





Thursday, December 01, 2005

December 1st – Time to plant!

This week, I begin concentrating on nurturing my yearly Holiday Spirit “sapling”. It starts as a seed on Thanksgiving, and usually develops into something like a happy little shrub or banzi-like bush of holiday cheer. I pluck it on Dec. 25th and put it in a bucket of water to enjoy until January 1st. After this, like most greenery that has been separated from its roots, it withers and grows funky green mold on the stems, and I have to throw it out. Dead. Until the season comes again when it can be grown again. And that season is NOW!

The following is a list of what I use for my Holiday fertilizer. My husband would find this comparison appropriate, being that he feels most of these items to be crap. That is why the door to the room is closed – so he can’t hear the first ingredient which I happen to be using right now –

1) The John Denver and the Muppets Christmas Together CD.

My favorite, favorite, favorite Christmas album – ever. Close second and third are Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker and Handle’s Messiah. They are just about right up there with Electric Mayhem’s rendition of “The Little Saint Nick” RUN RUN REINDEER!!!

John Denver’s voice makes me misty. Insert taunting here.

2) That damn Starbucks. They starts early, with the Pumpkin Spice Lattes & Caramel Apple Cider. These are soon followed by Eggnog Lattes, Gingerbread Lattes, Peppermint Lattes, and, a first this year (damn them all), the piece de resistance, the Chai Eggnog Latte. I will gain 10 pounds this holiday season. 7 of the 10 will be because of Starbuck’s offerings of these most wonderful, glorious, loveliest of warm beverages. Bastards.

I need to pause for a minute. Kermit is singing…okay.

3) Holiday Sweaters. Yes, another guilty pleasure. I have 2 – one that was a gift from my husband and one that his late Grandfather picked out for me. They are both simple and have snowflakes. They are both very special and sentimental to me.

Translation: No, I do not dress like a kindergarten schoolteacher. And no, I have no need for any other holiday sweaters. Please. Thank you.

4) Did I mention that damn Starbucks?

5) Company Holiday Parties. Yes, I do believe in peace at work after a good night out with coworkers – because I actually like mine and only have to spend one evening with my husband’s. Even the Secret Santa gifts aren’t all that bad. My honey got a penis putter for his golf bag last year. Maybe this year he'll get a testical driver - then we will have a set!

6) My annual vacation is always taken sometime in December. That is enough reason to celebrate. I like my coworkers, but not enough to skip my entitled time off.

These elements make the perfect mulch for my annual “Holiday Growth”. I know lots of holiday spirit isn't for everyone, and hey – maybe a shrub would cramp your style. Maybe you'd prefer a little spirit, like a small cactus, or a Chia Pet.

Translation: Yes, I will happily accept any gift of a small cactus or Chia Pet. Please. Thank you.

Now then, time to git yer Holiday ON!!!