Thursday, October 20, 2005

One of the women in the "girl band" picture bares a strange resemblance to my sister

And the woman on the bottle looks too much like me.

There's something really freaky about seeing something completely foreign with your own face on it.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Right now, I can piece together a playlist in ITunes, hit burn, and it's done painlessly. Instant mix.

Mix tape creation, on the other hand, was something of an art. One would skillfully think out the list of tracks that they wanted to have on the tape. If you were making tapes in the early ninties, before CDs, you had to own a double-decked tape player/recorder. If the machine didn't have the ability to high-speed copy, completing a tape was going to take a while.

Start the tape on one deck, and hit "record" on the other. Wait for the song to end. Rewind - play back - rewind - play back on the tape until you were close enough to the end of one song that you could record the next without too much blank space. If you used the pause button on the tape deck that held the mix tape, you were able to avoid the annoying "click" sound that would be produced if you hit stop instead, and neglected to record over the click because you didn't do the rewind - play back - rewind - play back ritual before adding the next track.

And if your songlist was too long...if the last song cut out before the end of the tape - jeez, it could either:

A) Ruin the mood of the ending
B) Cause a new choice of ending song, which could ruin the whole mood of the tape
C) Cause you to start taping all over again, to:
1)Tighten up the open spaces
2)Re-choose all of the tracks, because the mood is forever tainted.

I have received many mix tapes over the years. Some from friends, many from men. The first time someone gave me a mix tape was in 8th grade. The quirkiest one was from a High School friend in 1992. The most controversial were ones I had received from a coworker in 1999. My favorite tapes are from my husband, circa 1994. I know that I have never formally parted with a single one, although my tape player could easily chew through any of them. They are a history of different introductions to new sounds. The tapes were also journeys into someone else's internal soundtrack that often vastly differed from my own.

Now the techno-savvy exchange Mix CD's. The love of music and the desire to share a mood, a feeling or a whim are all still there, but much of the labor is gone. Although now the ease of mixing is fantastic, there was always something sublime about hearing that final note followed by 3 seconds of silence and a loud, hollow click.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Once I was in a very public discussion about the Vagina Monologues.

How I got into this situation is a completely different and extremely long story.

Regardless, I was asked, “If your vagina could speak, what would it say”?

I responded, “My vagina cannot be reached for comment. She is at the spa for the week. She is wrapped in a cotton robe and taking it easy. You may speak to her next week, when she will be up for another month of activity, and before she has to rest again”.

Yup. On the rag.

I don’t understand why the topic is still taboo. Maybe it’s a government plot to ignore the fact that the body needs rest. We should all embrace the menses! Today’s my first day of my coochie’s monthly break! I’m ready to celebrate! I can’t plug-up my enthusiasm – I have to let it flow!

Woo hoo! My girl’s taking some time off! The rest of me should take a hint from her and tell the world I’m taking a week off every month. No, it’s not convenient. It never is. But when is a break really convenient? It needs to be taken, regardless of circumstances. Regardless of the mess it always creates.

All can learn from the wise coochie. Everyone deserves a period.

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